Seller FAQs

For selling anything more than just a few items, we’d prefer to offer you a free consultation at your location. During our visit we can determine the value of your items and discuss that with you, along with figuring out the best way to sell them whether it be on-site or moved to our facility. From there, we can establish the labor costs to pack and transport your items, as well as the services you may need to help with your project. All of this information will allow us to build a comprehensive plan for your project and create a proposal outlining all costs and specifics.

Our favored method of payment for auction services is a flat or incremental commission rate that ranges from 0% to 50%. The specific rate is determined by the value of the goods being sold where high-value items such as jewelry, fine art, rarities, and vehicles will have a much lower commission rate than general estate goods. In cases where the value of the lots varies greatly, we may recommend an incremental or sliding fee commission rate, discounting higher values.

In situations like a recent project we completed for a hoarder collector, we offered a flat 50% rate which may seem high, but it covered the expense of emptying and cleaning two homes, which was a daunting task for the owners. In the end, they received over $50,000 for their personal property, with more expected to come. We solved their issue in a win-win situation: they got a significant amount of money for their property, and the two real estate assets were opened up to reach their full value potential for lease or sale.

Keep in mind that when EDS does turnkey projects like cleaning out and preparing homes for sale, as well as selling the real estate, we often offer discounts on all of our fees, making it a very cost-effective alternative for parties in need of selling everything to clear an estate. One contractor, one phone call, and we do everything correctly down to the finishing touches. 

EDS is an experienced auction company with three decades of in-depth industry expertise. Headed by Brian Sample and his team, we provide appraisals, valuations, and auctions for our clients. During your free consultation, we’ll assess the value of your property by carefully reviewing every item and advising you on the most profitable options. Our service doesn’t just minimize the risks of disposing of valuable items, but also highlights that you should never rush to throw anything away. In fact, we’ve seen how items of significant worth have been carelessly donated or discarded at estate and downsizing projects that we have been hired to assist with. It surprises us that people continue to commit to such fallible enterprises because at EDS, we dedicate ourselves to guiding our clients with the best possible industry knowledge. We believe that careful consultation is always the best policy, and we offer this service for free.

You can book a free consultation with EDS to discuss the specifics of your project in detail. Every client has a unique circumstance, and we make it our priority to recommend the best approach, whether on-site or in-house, commission rates, and timelines based on the data collected during the consultation.

If you decide to work with us, our comprehensive process includes:

  • packing and transporting the items to our facility,
  • unpacking and lotting items
  • research and listing items for auction using our auction software,
  • high-quality photography of each item
  • Items are shelved and set up for client preview
  • Auction is conducted and closed out
  • Proceeds are collected by EDS staff
  • Final accounting is completed and auction pay over is sent to you

Trust our EDS staff with every step of the way, and ensure a successful auction.

We understand that our clients rely on us to help them generate revenue, which is why we schedule auctions well in advance, giving them up to 45-180 days notice based on the items they plan to sell. However, we recognize that cash flow can be a challenge, and sometimes a commission advance is necessary. For clients who need a little boost, we offer a commission advance when the contract is signed and goods are taken into our possession. This option is particularly popular for high-value items such as jewelry. 

In addition to this, we also have a buyout option for clients who prefer to sell their items outright. At EDS, we buy everything from single items to entire estates, including special collections, jewelry, sterling, gold, and other high-value items. We pride ourselves on paying fair prices and being transparent in our dealings. Check out our Estate & Downsizing website to learn more about this service.

We pride ourselves in our online auction format, allowing us to streamline the bidding process and expand our reach to buyers worldwide. Our dedicated team expertly processes each item, which is then meticulously lotted, listed, pictured, and uploaded to our online auction site. Auctions typically run for 1-3 weeks before the soft close which begins at either 6 or 7pm EST. Bid confidently either by placing a max bid or join in on the excitement by watching the bids close in real time.

It would be our pleasure to help you arrange a consultation or appraisal for your items. To schedule an appointment, fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page or give us a call at (812) 822-2508. We understand the importance of your time, so rest assured that we will do everything in our power to accommodate your schedule.

Auctions can be scheduled anywhere from 45 to 180 days in advance, though smaller sales might happen sooner. However, more substantial events like specialty auctions or large estates could take a little longer, sometimes between 120 to 240 days from start to finish. There are two reasons for this delay. Firstly, advertising requirements for these events take time. Secondly, with goods from other consignors already taking up space in our facility, organizing the event and processing your items culminates into an extensive yet comprehensive process.

We offer comprehensive insurance coverage with Erie Commercial Insurance that spans from pick-up to final delivery of items to their new owners while they’re under our care. Our facility boasts a second tier of top-notch security measures, including being accessible to the public only on specific occasions, requiring extra staff for security during previews or pickups, and highly-advanced motion sensors and alarms installed throughout the building. 

As if that weren’t enough, we also have six spacious vaults to secure high-value items like jewelry, precious metals, and firearms.

We strategically use a diverse range of promotional techniques to cater to the broader audience and precise collectors.

We promote our auctions across various media platforms – hibid auctions, auctionzip,,,, local newspapers, magazines, radio, and social media such as Facebook and Instagram. Special ads in Antique Week, Maine Antique Digest and ads targeting local collector groups are also part of our efforts. 

Our full-time graphic designer continually develops multiple ads weekly to promote auction events. Additionally, we execute a range of marketing tasks like attending special collections shows or sending flyers to selective collectors. 

Email marketing is one of our most effective marketing methods. We use our comprehensive list of past bidders and buyers to send weekly email blasts to notify them about our upcoming auctions.

For specific collections, we often use special marketing tasks like attending a show we are selling or sending out flyers to a specific group of collectors.

Since 1995, EDS has been a leading auction company offering live and online auctions. As pioneers in the online auction industry, we have used online methods extensively since the late 1990s. With our extensive family of resources and deep industry knowledge, we have become specialists in selling high-value and specialty collections to a global audience.

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide customized services such as fine photography and targeted marketing for themed specialty collections. We also offer grading services for coins, cards, and comics, as well as a pack and pickup service and in-house shipping. We understand that we have a fiduciary responsibility to our clients, and we strive to attain the highest and best prices for their items.

To achieve this goal, our team of dedicated auction specialists research not only the items we sell but also the markets and buyers who are looking for them. We recognize that we hold fiduciary responsibility to our clients to obtain the best possible value for their items. Our unparalleled client services extend from small consignments to handling complex estates, leaving no item unturned to ensure a successful auction event.

Schedule a free consultation with us, and we will help you gain valuable insights into the value of your personal property in today’s marketplace. At EDS, we are committed to providing the best auction services for clients of all sizes.